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ECCO Australia | IMPACT : Five reasons why monitoring your brand online is essential

dollarphotoclub_106605403-320x198According to a social media report by Sensis, 87 per cent of Australians access the internet daily. In today’s digital world, every single consumer has the potential to become your brands biggest fan or critic.

Below are IMPACT’s top five reasons why monitoring your brand online is essential:

1) Know what media are saying about you online
Brands can no longer afford to only monitor traditional media outlets.
The news cycle is 24 hours a day thanks to blogs and online news sites. As a first step, have a think about who your target audience is and what media outlets they read. These sites should be the first places you check for media coverage – and likewise your target when you are seeding news!
There are a range of media and social media monitoring services available, however regular Google searches and setting up Google alerts is a great starting point.
Company spokespeople, communications, social media teams, customer service and sales teams all need to be aware of what both media and consumers are saying online as they may encounter questions regarding digital chatter.
Monitoring helps to ensure your brand is on the front foot (as best you can be!).

2) Anticipate viral topics
A social media post from a single consumer can welcome hundreds, even thousands, of supporters and spread like wild fire, whether it be positive or negative.
By monitoring social media you will be quick to respond to any consumer issues or concerns and can nip an issue in the bud before it happens!
Something to keep in mind is that a story in the media about your brand can immediately jump into the social media realm, creating a whole new stream of conversations.
Having an issues management plan in place is imperative to be prepared to swiftly address any issues in an appropriate manner.
On the flip side – you can also engage with consumers who are singing your praises.

3) Meet your biggest fans
If you aren’t looking, you could have influential brand advocates you don’t know about. Brand advocates can provide you with fantastic, organic, word-of-mouth which you can only help fuel if you first know who they are!

IMPACT built a Facebook community for client CHUX with advocates who embraced and promoted the products. Consumers who engaged often with the page were invited to join a closed Facebook group, where they reviewed new products.

4) Know who, and what, you are up against
Not only do you need to monitor your own brand, you also need to keep an eye on what media and consumers are saying about other industry players online.

By staying connected and informed with market topics of interest, you will know what your audiences expect, what competitors are up to and might gain some valuable insights into growth opportunities for your brand.

5) Beat your competitor to the post
Not only do you need to monitor your brand and other industry players, you also need to be monitoring industry hot topics of the day.

By monitoring the news of the day, your brand can be at the ready to contribute to news conversations in both traditional media outlets and digital communities.

By contributing to trending topics, the brand can be recognised as a valuable commentator or true thought leader.

If you’d like more information about how your organisation can best utilise online monitoring please contact IMPACT Communications on 02 9519 5411.

By Katie Eastment


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