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ECCO Australia | IMPACT : Is your content king?

content-is-king-1Content has become a big part of audience engagement for businesses. In fact, research from B2B Marketing shows that 70 per cent of companies are creating more content now than they were in 2015.

However, continuously churning out information can actually put your brand at risk if your audience isn’t engaged, educated or stimulated by what you’re producing. Dwindling audience engagement can be also symptomatic of irrelevant, or worse still, boring content.

While holding an audience’s attention can be tricky, it’s not impossible. Firstly, think about what you define as content; 300 word blogs are no longer the only means of engagement.

Bringing to life materials via a diverse range of mediums such as podcasts, videos and infographics can all showcase useful information in different ways.

When planning content, I always use a checklist to make sure my audience is switched on and receiving a varied content diet:

  1. Is this going to resonate with my audience? Understanding who you’re talking too is the number one rule of engagement. Knowing their interests, what makes them tick, their challenges and opportunities ensures you will reach a wider number of the right people.
  2. Is what I’m saying relevant? Information that’s timely, whether relating to industry issues, the news agenda or consumer trends, demonstrates that the business has its finger on the pulse and stands a greater chance of sparking audience discussions.
  3. Am I adding value? Content today is typically consumed for a purpose. Audiences want to come away feeling like they’ve learnt something, so don’t be afraid to share opinions, insights, or knowledge. Lists and ‘how to’ hacks are great as quick informative take aways.
  4. Is this the best way to deliver my content? Information can be consumed in several ways and different platforms are available to make your content as digestible as possible. For example, research works well when presented as an infographic, whereas an interview with a subject matter expert makes for great video content.
  5. Is this too long? Materials online are usually consumed in no more than 3-4 minutes. That means whatever it is you want to say, keep it short and sweet. This will help you lose the jargon, and make sure you include only the most valuable of information.

What am I going to write next? Readers will keep coming back for more if they’re engaged, stimulated and finding value on content. Don’t turn them off by leaving it too long before posting new content. Build a conversation calendar to help keep a schedule of topical insights.


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