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ECCO Australia | IMPACT : Kiss and tell


According to legend, those who kiss the stone will be bestowed with ‘the gift of the gab’. Millions of people, including world leaders, literary giants, TV, film and pop stars have braved the castle’s lofty heights to lean backwards and make the pash for story-telling perfection.

As I recall grasping the slippery rails, dangling back and having my ankles grabbed by an Irishman old enough to be my great grandfather (who I assumed worked for the castle?!?), I have to wonder if the stone has made its mark?

If not, I can rest assured knowing that the following tips below will help anyone to tell a good story and connect with their audience!

  • Start with the hook, baiting your audience with insights, data or a bold statement
  • Make the call to action clear so people know what they should do, or what they can learn from the story you are sharing
  • Timing is everything. Ensure your story is relevant providing context as to why people need to read/listen to it right now
  • Paint a picture for your readers using punchy facts and vivid detail

Make it personal, sharing observations, anecdotes and experiences to bring the story to life        


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