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ECCO Hungary | Strategic Scope : State Secretariat for National Policy Case Study

Train the scholars, and build websites for the programs. Run the facebook page and the closed facebook group for the alumni. Write press releases during the program.

ST Scope’s solution
We had to build three website, one-one for the programs, and a common one, for those who interested in both of the programs. We have to organise the content on the three sites over the programs.

We had to train the Sándor Petőfi program’s and the Sándor Csoma-Kőrösi program’s new scholars about how they able use the webpage, how write articles, how organise events, how behave with the press and how can they use their cell phones to make good video interviews. We had to build the new website for the programs, and we made a common site for the programs too.

The programs are still running. But all websites are working well, and the training days were successful too.


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