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ECCO Spain | Canela PR : Getting to know Esther Presencio

esther-presencio-para-blogpost-768x838Name and surname: Esther Presencio

Office: Madrid

Clients you have worked with: many, more than 50, but perhaps the ones I’ve learnt, grown and enjoyed working with the most have been Intel, Symantec, Boston Medical Group and Lenovo. And yes, I love technology.

How many years of work experience have you had after university? The figure makes me a little dizzy but… 17

You are native from… A mix, I was born in Barcelona, I have berciano-leones origins and I’ve been living in Madrid for 30 years. Indescribable.

Can you describe yourself in three words?
Enthusiastic, observant and an extrovert.

How do you see the present and the future of communication?
Exciting. I see it as a challenge that increasingly needs to be personalized more in order to be effective. Every day we discover a new channel through which we can reach the target audience with a very specific message, taking into account that their habits are rapidly changing.

Any funny anecdotes you want to tell us about this crazy world of communication?
There are events that in time turn into fun anecdotes that make you laugh, like the time I wanted to jump out the window because at a press conference with more than 20 confirmed attendees only 3 showed up. Or when I left a press conference to give a balloon from the decoration to a kid who’s Mum wasn´t paying any attention to him (poor woman, I don’t blame her) because he was acoustically contaminating our presentation. I laugh a lot when I think about that.

Are you active in social media? What is your favourite platform?
Just enough, not too much, but I am very nosy. I use them generally as sources of information, especially Facebook and Twitter. And with my friends and family I use Instagram, as a good way to share all the good moments with the people I appreciate who are not close by. And for hobbies, Pinterest. Although, I do have a profile in many more like LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+ or

If you didn’t work in the world of communication, what other sector would you be interested in?
I think in the tourism sector, although teaching also calls my attention. I guess anything that in one way or another means contact and relationships with other people, communicating and sharing experiences.

What do you do when you’re not at Canela?
I have two kids, they take most of my time, but what I like doing the most are outdoor activities. From taking a walk through the mountains, to a bike ride through la Casa de Campo (of course) including a glass of wine with friends at a terrace, which is also an outdoor activity.

Who has inspired you in your life?
Indisputably my parents. They have shown me the importance of respect, tolerance, hard work and to value the things we have. To look at the world with open eyes, to be able to absorb everything that we can learn from (which is practically everything and from everyone).

What is you life motto?
Let’s go and get them, there’s not many of them and they’re cowards… hahahahaha


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