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ECCO Spain | Canela PR : Setting the Wellness Real Estate on the media’s agenda

privaloreCanela has been managing the press office of the crowdfunder and Wellnes real estate developer Privalore during the last 6 months. We have regularly produced content such as corporate momentum press releases and opinion articles with a clear objective: inform about this emerging and vigorous trend in Spain and position Privalore as one of the leading players in the sector.

  • In just 6 months, we have generated a monthly average of 24 pieces of coverage for the startup Privalore in top tier media such as El Mundo, Expansión and El País, as well as in specialized and highly relevant magazines such as Via Inmobiliaria or Inversión y Finanzas.
  • Canela has also managed 12 interviews with Privalore’s founders in top media such as La Vanguardia, El Periódico and Cinco Días, as well as specialized radio debates on Gestiona Radio.
  • And last but not least, we have succeed in placing the real estate crowdfunding on the media’s agenda by positioning Privalore as an opinion leader in the sector.


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