The following books, blogs, websites et al have helped enormously in the writing of this Social Media Guide.




Online Public Relations by David Phillips and Philip Young, published by Kogan Page (PR in Practice Series, Chartered Institute of Public Relations)

SEO Bible by Jeri Ledford and Micah Baldwin, published by Wiley Publishing Inc.

Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide by Jared Spool, Tara Scanlon, Carolyn Snyder, Terri DeAngelo, published by User Interface Engineering (1997)


articles on social media in B2B marketing:

easy to understand guide to using Twitter in business:

interesting blog on social media in business:

helpful resources including a beginner’s guide to social media Campaign Execution:

useful whitepapers for PRs including online PR in action:

community with blog and reports on digital marketing:

list of media outlets and journalists on Twitter (subscribed):

interesting blog on usability in social media – and beyond:

read about the latest social media trends:

useful resources on social media and marketing including reports and studies on the Twittersphere:

useful e-books on subjects such as brands in networks:

guide for using Twitter in PR and useful reports:

insight into social media and has a white paper on its usability for marketers:

discussion on the different ways of tracking social media campaigns and activity:

step-by-step guide to adding RSS feeds to Facebook:

Manifesto for integrating social media into marketing:

good articles on microblogging and social bookmarking:

case studies on using social media in marketing:

insightful blog on social media:

a social media news blog covering social networks:

case studies, research and guides on social media:

guide to measuring and evaluating the success of a social media campaign:


informative reports into social media:

Communications Market Report 2009 provides statistics into the use of social media:

different brands’ engagement in social media:

statistics on the use of Twitter:

report into the top social networking sites in the UK ranked by the number of visits:

statistics and report on Twitter users and their activity:

Comscore research on social media activity in business:

Please note that a digital version of this list of resources is available on the K+R Social Media Network – please contact Janine Maxwell or Claire Baxter at K+R on telephone +44 (0)20 7592 3100 for more details.